Terms and Condition

=Terms & conditions, for all persons booking an adventure or staying at Raptor Ridge Ranch or hunting with Raptor Ridge hunts . Agreement must be signed prior to any activity.

A 20% deposit is required on the total value of your adventure including any potential harvest fees, to secure a booking and date. Regardless the full daily rate for all days must be paid for six months prior to the Adventure. Deposits in total are non refundable if a cancellation is made less than 90 days before the first day of the hunt. Cancellations made more than 90 days from first day of hunt may be  transferable one time only provided the adventure is taken within 12 months of the original booking start date and provided the date is acceptable to Raptor Ridge Ranch PTY LTD.

Customers and dates are not booked in unless a confirmation is returned following a deposit and these terms are returned signed.

All money paid should be paid through money transfer, money order, bank cheque, cash to the account of Raptor Ridge Ranch, the client is responsible for all money transfer fees and exchange rates equal to the value of the hunt in the currency stated unless quoted otherwise.

All harvest fees and balance of the Adventure/ hunt must be paid for in advance via EFT or in cash before leaving the property at the time of the Adventure/ hunt.

Any animal wounded whether recovered or not is considered taken and full harvest fees apply. Your licensed guide may carry a firearm and if possible will back up immediately if in the unlikely chance an instant kill is not made, regardless every endeavor will be made to recover and dispatch an animal if wounded. An obvious hit reaction or blood indicates an animal has been wounded.

The size and quality of the animals to be harvested are at the guide’s discretion and customers risk. The customer is responsible for accepting or not accepting the guide’s opinion and either effecting a humane kill or passing up on the chosen animal. Raptor Ridge Ranch assumes all customers have the appropriate licenses and are capable both in physical and in health to engage in all activities they seek and partake at Raptor Ridge Ranch. Your Firearms Lic  number must be printed on this agreement.

Customers acknowledge Adventures contain risk. All persons entering Raptor Ridge Ranch and any other location used by Raptor Ridge Hunts should seek Personal, Property or Travel/cancellation insurance and total liability cover. No responsibility or liability will be taken for personal injury including death or property damage including animals.

Raptor Ridge Ranch its employees, management and any equipment, animal or thing regardless of fault will not be liable for customers and others property damage, loss of property, loss of income, reputation, unlawful acts, injury or death as a consequence during any adventures including transfers, sightseeing and when participating on an adventure with a third party outfitter.

Raptor Ridge Ranch reserves the right to alter prices and terms at any time.

Unless specified in a quote all fares, transfers, travel, licenses/permits, antler, skin and horn transport, equipment hire, plus any gratuities are not covered in the fees.

Raptor Ridge Ranch makes no guarantee, implied knowledge of or give any undertaking that animals harvested will meet any criteria laid down by any person, outside governance, club, organization other than stipulated in these terms and conditions.

All measurements of carcass weight, body size and any bone, antler, horn or skin are carried out for Raptor Ridge Ranch management purposes and for determining cost of hunt only and if provided are in no way meant to be a recorded measurement for any register, program or organizations determination. Raptor Ridge management records for price determination will be final.

Raptor Ridge Ranch provides for the harvesting by the customer of the whole animal. It is expected that all customers either Licensed Hunters or Eco meat harvesters make use of the complete animal, any carcass or meat from an animal that is left behind will then become the property of Raptor Ridge Ranch to use for whatever purpose. Venison is wild and untreated, every means possible is taken to ensure wild meat is harvested and processed to avoid contamination, customers consume venison/wild harvested meat at their own risk knowing that the meat was collected and butchered in the wild then transported in and by their own means.

Any horn, antler, skin or capes uncollected or unpaid to transport will be kept for 12 months only from the date of harvest and if uncollected will become the property of Raptor Ridge Ranch for recovery of any store costs. Whilst every measure will be taken, no responsibility will be taken for the security or condition of any specimen left behind.

Hunting, Fishing and Eco touring is a natural life experience. Whilst engaging wildlife and outdoor conditions, Raptor Ridge Ranch takes every professional means possible to provide for 100% success, we make no explicit guarantee as to the result of your adventure, having said that our reputation is on your success. We can provide Testimonials at your request.

Photography and video of your adventure provides lasting memories, Raptor Ridge Ranch Pty Ltd abides by ethical standards of media capture and does not give permission to customers to use any media content they have captured whilst on an Adventure with Raptor Ridge Ranch on any public or private TV networks, social network of any kind or display to the public any material that is in any way offensive under any Act within Australia or it’s States and Territories or has potential to damage the reputation of Raptor Ridge Ranch or its employees and associates. Raptor Ridge Ranch Pty Ltd reserves the right to prevent media capture of any type by anyone. Entrants to Raptor Ridge Ranch agree to pay all costs including consequential costs unconditionally for damage that may be incurred to Raptor Ridge Ranch through any media capture by them or their associates.

Raptor Ridge Ranch and associated Safaris reserves the right to utilize any media either written, photographic or video taken by a Raptor Ridge Ranch employee/owner or provided by any person engaged in any adventure with us for whatever purpose at no cost to Raptor Ridge Ranch. This permission is granted on the understanding that Raptor Ridge Ranch PTY LTD and any person associated with them will not be liable for any detrimental effect of the use of the media including damage of reputation against them or anyone associated with them.

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