History and Testimonials

Raptor Ridge Hunting Safaris was formed to offer Hunters, and Outdoors people from Australia and all over the world traditional style Hunting experiences for Big Game within Australia. Whether it’s staring down a Big Buffalo or Glassing a magnificent Red Stag we want our customers to experience the heart racing and taste the adrenalin. We have been offering our services for 14 years and in that time have built a reputation of providing extreme joy and satisfaction from an adventure to remember.

Our family has been hunting and guiding for over 45 years in Australia and have vast experience in hunting Africa, NZ, New Caledonia, US, Canada, Mongolia, Germany. My Son Mark and I with the help of our professional guides will not stop hunting until we have satisfied your adventure

My wife Judy plans the cuisine for the day and helps out with organising the hunts

Accommodation ranges from well catered for lodges to remote tent camps, all accommodation has comfotable beds and excellent food

Game animals history and hunting periods

Giant Pannonian Red Stag. Pre 1970’sThe Red Stag was introduced into Australia from England- Windsor and Richmond Park with successful releases in Queensland, S.A and Victoria however the majority of that blood outside of Queensland and Vic/ S.A does not exist today. The Red Stags we hunt in the NSW Southern Mountains are typical Pannonian Eastern European, having distinct characteristics of the Hungarian and Yugoslav type from which the ancestors of escaped animals have survived. They have heavy timber and long beams, 40″W X 40″L is average with more than 12 points and beams as thick as your wrist, Stags can weigh 250Kg, hunts take place from Feb to May. Minimum calibre is .308W using 150grn plus projectiles.

Fallow Buck. Probably one of the most beautiful deer to be introduced into Australia. Again they were introduced from England and Western Europe. The larger Fallow hunted on Raptor Ridge just like the Red Stag comes from Eastern Europe,

Denmark and Hungary, they come in three colour fazes Orange, White and Black. Antlers are palmated carrying as many as 30 points, Fallow are hunted in Feb to May. Mature Fallow Bucks weigh around 120Kg, minimoum calibre for Bucks is .260/.270

Javan Rusa. Rusa deer were introduced to the Royal National Park in Sydney NSW from Java where they still exist today, they also exist in Qld, Vic and NT. Rusa Stags have 3 points per side, the striking feature being the inner beams rising parallel with ivory tops. We hunt an exclusive private herd that have 30″ plus antlers with 38″ possible, Rusa Stags weigh around 180Kg have a dark red coat with a distinct mane during the rut. We hunt the Rusa from June to September.

Min calibre is .270W using 130grn Proj

Hog Deer. One of the smallest deer in the world and most difficult to attain, antlers 3 points per side over 14″ are considered a trophy, a Stag will weigh up to 50kg, are rufus brown in colour, can only be hunted in April in Victoria, minimum calbre is .243 

Chital Stag. Chital are known as the most beautiful deer in the world with red coat and distinct white spots, the Chital Stag carries 3 points per side, the antlers of a Big Chital will be over 28 inches and have wide sweeping outer beams, Chital can be hunted all year but are best hunted from April to November. A Chital Stag will weigh 120Kg. Min calibre is .270W using 130 grn proj

Snowy Mtn Ram. These sheep are derived from a mixture of crosses of sheep from England and Europe and were originally farmed for meat in the Southern and Western Ranges of NSW around the late 1800s, they are extremely hardy and shed their fur coats annually, the Rams grow considerably long spiraling horns with good weight, many have double curls, the majority of sheep are white however colour fazes do exist from Black to Red. They have a set breeding season in March and lambing season in Spring, Rams will fight for dominance during the Rut. These Rams can weigh 80kg. Season is from Feb to July. Min calibre is .243W using 80grn projectiles, they are exclusive to Raptor Ridge Ranch where they have been developed further into a magnificent game animal. Horns can exceed 40” and bases 10” now recognised by Trophy game Animals of the world if taken only from Raptor Ridge Ranch.

Spanish Goat. The origin of the feral goats in Australia go back to Captain Cook, goats from all over the world belong to the Capra Genus which covers all of the wild goats including the Ibex and Markhor of Europe, Nth Africa and Asia. The Domestic Goat appears to have been the product of domestication of the Spanish Ibex and native Spanish goat, in fact the Spanish Wildlife authorities are very concerned with Ibex cross breeding with wild goats. Big goats are rare 35inches is a real trophy and 40 inches is becoming near impossible, best time to hunt goats is Winter Spring, May to September. A big Billy will weigh 80Kg. Min Calibre .243W using 80grn proj

Wild Boar. The Australian Wild Boar is mainly descended from domestic pigs gone wild, however there is some material to support that in the North of Australia that both Timor Pig and Asian Pig may have been introduced. Large boars have been known to achieve 200Kg with tusks extracted of 10inches. They are hunted May to Oct, they can be aggressive and will charge if cornered. Realy big boars are hunted in the NT or Qld We conduct our trophy hunts in the NT and Qld with some opportunities in NSW min Calibre 7mm or .308 using 130 grn proj

Buffalo. Australian wild Buffalo are native mainly to South East Asia, they came to Australia from Timor, The Australian Buffalo is the largest in the world and therefore highly prized as a Trophy with horns that can span over 6ft, The Bulls can weigh up to 1000Kg and have been know to be aggressive towards humans, best hunting is over the dry period due to accessibility May to October, there range is the Top End of the Northern Territory with some movement into Queensland and WA. We hunt on exclusive private and Aboriginal country. Buffalo are Big Game and need Big Game rifles min calibre is .338/ .375 using 250grn proj

Banteng. Banteng are true wild Oxen that are almost extinct in their native homeland of Indonesia, Bulls range in colour from Black to Brown and way up to 800Kg, the cows are distinctly different in colour being a fawn orange, both sexes have horns and both have white socks and rump patch. Closely related to the Indian Gaur the Bulls carry impressive horns separated by a fleshy Boss, they are deep through the shoulder with a pronounced hump to a deep chest and fleshy dewlap, they can be aggressive, there range in Australia is fairly limited to the Jungles and Savanah country of Coburg Peninsula and surrounding country of the Northern Territory Arnhem Land which they share with Buffalo. Best time to hunt them is May to October. Min Calibre is .338.
They can be agressive.

Scrub Bull. Scrub Bull are one of the toughest animals in the Australian bush surviving extreme conditions they are agressive and will charge unprovoked, ranchers and hunters are killed every year by these tough creatures, they are not to be underestimated, we hunt them in the NT and far north Qld, we recommend minimum cal .338, best hunting time is April to October. They range in colour from Orange to Blue Brindle, horns are generally brown with white tips.

Customer Testimonials, please ask us to refer you to any of the customers below and we will forward you details.


Feb 21, Glenn, NSW Trophy Fallow A huge thankyou to Mark, Steve and Judy for a great 3 days. Your professionalism, experience and hospitality was brilliant, you have an amazing property that is well managed ….I am over the moon with my Fallow, loved every minute of being here, I will be back.

March 21, Shane and Melanie, Trophy Red Cooma NSW, A massive thankyou to Steve, Judy and Mark for one of the best 4 days we have ever spent hunting, the knowledge of both Mark and Steve and willingness to share it is second to none, we had an amazing time and to Judy a big thankyou for the lunches and dinners, we would stay for those alone, we will be back no doubt.

March 21, Dave S, Budget Red NSW A huge thankyou to Mark, Judy and Steve for a great time, We will remember this trip every time we look at the heads, loved the country and the stories back at the homestead. Ben S, shot my first stag on the last minutes of the last day, will remember this trip for the rest of my life. Will be back for Judys cooking for sure.

March 21, Michael S, Budget Red NSW Thankyou for your hospitality and a hunt Ill look back on forever, Two hard earned trophies, hunted with Mark over walked many Klms through the bush and hills, I could not be happier with my red and fallow, this is the type of country I love to hunt and I cant wait to come back again.

March 21, Sam J, NSW Trophy Red, Thankyou very much for the amazing opportunity to hunt a world class Trophy red stag only hours from home. Your hospitality has been wonderful and I feel privileged to be part of this great set up, I will definitely be back for a fallow.

April 21, David, Rebecca, Ava and William, Trophy Red and Ram Qld, thankyou for another amazing family hunt. Its a beautiful part of the world, your knowledge and stories never dissapoint. This hunt we wont forget with such amazing stories and father and daughter sharing there hunting experience together. Judy thanks for your great catering and the beautiful birthday cake you made for Ava. Im sure she wont forget this birthday.

April 21, Ben T, NSW Fallow. Had a great time and learned plenty, Mark had to work hard but held up his end of the bargain. Very happy to get a great fallow buck and an esky full of meat, great food and company, Thankyou

April 21, Charles and Matty, Trophy Reds NSW Thankyou guys for a great time, your hospitality is fantastic and the hunting is great. It was an experience I will never forget and will be telling the story for years to come, will be back next year for sure.

May 21, Ross and Felicity, Training Hunt NSW (farther and daughter) Our first hunting trip at raptor Ridge was filled with sunshine, scenic mountain views, amazing animals to track and welcoming hospitality, thankyou so much for a fantastic first experience. We will be gack.

May 21, Andrew H  ACT, Budget Rusa and Fallow What a first hunt, an incredible Rusa and fallow deer hunt, definatly will be back. The hospitality and crew were amazing, Thanks again.

May 21, Reachell and Chris, Vic, Trophy rams, Thankyou Steve so much for an awesome hunt, Red Ram for me was above and beyond experience. Our third hunt with you has created another memorable experience, Thankyou Judy for your amazing cooking


Feb 20, Nicholas S, NSW, Trophy Red Stag, I can not express my gratitude and thanks for the most spectacular and amazing time away. The hospitality and atmosphere was truly spectacular. I was most fortunate to take my first Trophy Red Stag under the guideance of Mark. It was a pleasure to spend and learn knowledge from Steve. Every moment of this trip could not have been more perfect…. I look forward to my next trip.

April 20, David, Claire and James NSW, Trophy Red and Snowy Mtn Rams, What a great adventure, James shot his first big Trophy Red Stag, Claire shot a Trophy Ram and I shot a Trophy ram which is our first Ram. The Family hospitality is second to none, we love this country and marks guiding skills are excellent, thankyou so much for an experience of a lifetime.

April 20, Stuart G, NSW, Trophy Red and Fallow. A fantastic experience with very knowledgeable and experienced guides. An experience which is much more that a few inches of antler. Will look forward to coming back to admire the deer, Thanks for the great hospitality.


Frank R Sydney NSW, April 2019, Fantastic hunt, great game, great people, a dream come true, thank you for the memories

Ash A, NSW April 2019, I really thank you for this weekend, this where we we wanted to come for a long time and it was worth the wait. I ticked off on my bucket list to do with my beautiful 14 point Red deer. we will be back to bring home one of your fallow deer next year and special thanks to your wonderful family


Dennis and Josh, NSW March 2018, Just a quick note from Josh and myself to say thanks for another fantastic Farther and Son hunting experience. With a special heart felt thanks to Judy for the wonderful hospitality and home cooking provided for us in your home. Josh couldn’t be happier shooting his first Red Stag and has told the story to Friends and Family many times. The story always includes a good dose of appreciation for Marks efforts on the day starting with getting us into the observation position, hatching a plan and followed by the final Stalk. The Taxidermist was very impressed with the thickness of the antlers and has several examples in his workshop that were notably smaller in circumference which included 2 racks from NZ. Every time I look at the Antlers from my Stag I like them more and more. In particular the impressive width. I’ve always wanted something a bit different from the average and my Stag fit the bill perfectly. I’me going to hang a picture of my Stag in the bush next to his Antlers to do him justice in appreciation. The day we spent exploring the back country with Steve looking at the Chinese mining history, Goats, Pigs and Trout etc was another exciting first for Josh. I was impressed by the number of Deer and other animals there were in the back country way back from the Farm fringes. Thanks again to everyone for your efforts and hospitality, looking forward to our next hunt.

Mark B, NSW March 2018, Once again another great hunt with Steve and Mark, got my once in a lifetime Red Stag and a great day fishing with Steve, I will be back with my Son next time.

Chris T, NSW March 2018, The best hunting trip of my life and will be back again greatest people I have met in my life, the food was great and Steve was a great guide, I learnt so much, got my first fallow buck and red deer Stag and hope one day to have a Trophy Room like Steve, Mark and Judy. Thank you so much for everything, Steve Mark and Judy and will 100% be back.

Lawrence and Yasmin, NSW, March 2018. Thankyou guys so much, we had a fantastic time and the best hunting trip ever. Mark our guide was brilliant and knew exactly how to put us onto the deer. Thankyou for your generous hospitality and we will definately be back very soon.

Andrew C, NSW & Jeff K BC Canada, March 2018, Fantastic trip with my Canadian friend Jeff, it was so awesome to shoot his first Red Stag with him, my management Stag was a fine rack, first class dinner and whisky in the Trophy Room to finnish the night, thanks for having us again Judy, Steve Mark.


Morgan H Hawai USA April 2017, Amazing trip mate God Bless you and your family for all the hospitality and wonderful times.

Clem amd Jacob, NSW, April 2017, Steve, Mark, Judy. Thankyou for having us in your home and taking us on the best hunt I have had, see you all next time.

Pat A, NSW. May 2017, Thnkyou again for a trophy hog deer, we found him on the first day I arrived, what a feeling to take such a beautiful animal, he was 15″, also came with my mate Nat who shot a massive 280DS Fallow/ always a great trip and will see you next year.

Nat P, NSW, May 2017 Came down for a trophy fallow, was a hard hunt up and down the valleys for 3 days then got him sfter 15 minutes of hunting on the last day, same spot i got my first fallow, I was over the moon when he scored 280, was also over the moon to see my mate Pat take his Hog deer, Thanks Steve Mark and Judy for a great hunt see you next time.

Ruth, Marion, USA May 2017, It was an awesome hunt, first rusa deer, identical fallows 283ds and 270ds, first trout fishing experience, shot wild pig, fox and goat, great weather fantastic food lovely guiding, it was a succesfull hunt, Never dreamt that the area was so huge and beautiful, great gun thanks Judy, for a price Ill take it?? We will never forget the moments it was an unforgettable experiance.

Les K, Canada, June 2017 The best hunting experiance I have had in 40 years hunting on several Continents, Outstanding”

Troy and Laurie F, USA May 2017, I would like to thank you Judy and Steve for a great time and wonderful hunting experiance we will be back some day for more great experiances and hunting memories, thankyou for the time in Australia.

Jose M, Spain, June 2017, Thanks for the wonderful weekend experiance the great nature and hunting in this long away part of the world that is Australia I had a great time looking for and takeing Spanish Goat and wild pigs, I will be back some time. Jose.


Tommy and Janice H, Alaska USA, July 2016, thankyou for shareing your home with us and putting up with an old man, your vefforts to get me a very fine Rusa Stag, is much appreciated. Taking Janice and I sight seeing and Trout fishing was much appreciated. we enjoyed your wealth of knowledge about the birds, trees, and animals, the food was great and I enjoyed our time in your Trophy Room talking about hunting. Thank You Very Much Tom and Jan.

Geoff and Jake A & Tony H, Vic, April 2016, Red Stag and Fallow, Thankyou again for another awesome experiance here at Raptor Ridge. Fistly to Steve for your time in the bush and leading Jakob on his first Red Stag it created a great father and son experiance for us both, not to mention your endless efforts in getting me in on a cracking Fallow Buck. To Mark again for yout patience guiding Tony onto a greate Stag. Seriously though you are a gteat bloke hope to hunt with you next time, and Judy well I think its been said before, great host, great company and awsome food!!! See you again next year.

Oliver and Tony T, ACT, April 2016. Fallow Buck and Red Stag. Thanks so much for another incredible experiance, round 2 was just as successfull as our first time here, I know Tony my dad was absolutly taken aback at being able to hunt another Red Stag. It’s always great to hunt here and trek the mountains stalking animals then come back for delicious food (thanks Judy) You will see us again next year, thanks again hope to see you soon.

Pat. A NSW April 2016, Another great hunt on Raptor “beautiful ” Ridge. Brought my mate Jack up for a first great red Stag Hunt and what a trophy it was, was such a great weekend got my first Red Stag trophy 15 points what a great head, also shot a trophy ram, beautiful big head and beautiful white coat, as always great hospitality and good food, spent a whole afternoon on the hill with Stave enjoyed watching the fallow fighting until sunset. See you next year.

Jack, NSW April 2016 Thanks to Steve Judy and Mark for a great time at Raptor Ridge, got my first Red Stag, I will be Back

Brendan. G NSW March 2016, as always top weekend, thankyou for your hospitality and great Red Stag, appreciate it, will be back.

Mike. V March 2016, had a great time, shot a nice fallow buck, will be back again.

Brian L, USA March 2016, Steve Mark and Judy, thanks for everything, great game, great people, great food. Setting up a great shot on a monster Stag 42″ (490SCI) (390 DS) Got some nice foxes as well, looking forward to next go around

Andrew. C NSW March 2016, Back for my 4th visit and what an awsome experiance, yet again my Red Stag was an Australian “Whopper” 48″ was a real treat, love the hunt, love the food and hospitality, fantastic break from reality, all the best see you soon.

Phil Mc NSW Feb 2016, Back at Raptor Ridge for the 2nd time, with great Fallow Buck, thanks again

Mike A NSW Feb 2016, another great hunt, “Fantastic Fallow” The bar has been set, see you next time, Mike “No 1”

Steve C NSW Feb 2016, This is my second trip to Raptor Ridge and after harvesting a beautiful African Sheep and Fallow Buck my stay has been twice as wonderful.


Tony T ACT June 2015 Buffalo, Banteng, Boar, Scrub bull and Barramundi

Steve, still can’t thank you enough for the Buffao and Banteng hunt in the NT, I am contemplating returning next year with Oliver to do a double hunt for Banteng and Buffalo could you please organise and let me know, an incredible experiance.

Eric C NSW March 2015 Mgt Fallow Buck

Thankyou so much for a wonderful couple of days and my beautiful Fallow Buck, Mark your guiding and knowledge was excellent – the learning and excitement never stopped – I will be back – I always felt comfortable and relaxed, great food and attention from Judy with home grown vegies and fruit, an experiance to remember –

Col A NSW March 2015 – Fallow Buck

We had a wonderful trip, saw lot’s of terrific animals, the buck I shot 244DS, was a fine Trophy, Alita was looked after beautifully for which we say many thanks.

Ron J New York USA March 2015 – Red Stag, Goat and Sheep

Steve Judy and Mark were awsome hosts, I felt I was part of the family and never went hungry for sure, we had three successful hunts for Spanish Goat, Snowy Mtn Sheep and a magnificent Red Stag, I could not have dreamed of having such an adventure and harvesting 3 great trophies, thanks so much for organising the permits and Taxidermist, I hope to book another hunt when coming back to Oz.

Chris C March NSW/UK 2015 – Fallow Buck

-This is my second trip here with more to come – Mark and I had a cracker first day with the wind sun and deer all in our favour – scored a Fallow buck at 190 meters after stalking for an hour or so, my best Fallow Buck coming in at 239 DS

Darrin B NSW March 2015 – Red Stag

Back again, wife thinks I like this place better than home – she might be right – after the hunt Mark says that I have taken the largest red off the place in 10 years of operation, over 400DS, what a great trip 4 days and recharge the batteries, I.d like to thank Steve for organising my trip to NZ, back later this year.

David. A, Philip. M and Anthony, W – NZ & NSW 2015 April – Red Stag, Goat and Boar

We three city Amigos arrived at the Ranch with muted expectation – our guides Steve and Mark put us on the targets with our first reloads – got all our Red Stags all over 300 points! Where do you get that anywhere in the world in 4 days, we also caught Trout and ate like Kings! The ability to come here to a family after a long day of hunting allowed the experience to be fulfilled, thanks Raptor for a great hunt.

David, Rebecca, Ava and 5 week old William G – Qld 2015 April – Fallow, Red Stag, Spanish goat

Dear Stephen Judy and Mark
Thank you so much for a fantastic 3 days of hunting and exploring this beautiful place you call home. We only wish we could have a little pocket of it to take home, however we will settle for the magnificent trophies we had only dreamed of getting and the much cherished memories that will last for ever. Ava is bubbling over with excitement about returning to share her stories of trout fishing, helping Steve spot the goats, nothing was ever a problem and we appreciate your efforts to accommodate us. Every member of our family had a great time here (even 5 week old William loved his drives around the property) You are a wonderful family and do a great job together. We look forward to reading Steve’s book if it’s even half as entertaining and knowledgeable as you it will be a great read.

Josephine, James and David D NSW 2015 April – Fallow Buck

To Steve, Mark and Judy

I deeply appreciate all that you have provided for us. In the city we look to our phones as an escape from our surroundings. I found myself putting the technologies of today away and simply admiring your 8000 acres of majestic land – your home. Thankyou for the meals and the warmth, the hunts were thrilling! This was unforgettable. We will be back for the pig and trophy goat, this was unforgettable, may your family be blessed.

Pierre, H and Jean Pierre B New Caledonia 2015 April – Red Stag

Dear Steve, Mark and Judy. Thankyou so much for the excellent welcome, Excellent cooking and beautiful trophy room. I would like to say thank you and to your son so much for the hunt and the beautiful trophies and thank you for the use of your gun.

Aaron N NSW 2015 May – Red Stag

Well I have visited Raptor Ridge 5 times now, In these times I have hunted and claimed a fallow doe, a Trophy Red, Trophy Rusa, Fallow Buck, Trophy Ram and Management Trophy Red, all have an amazing story and adventure that I will keep with me for life. I thank Mark for his guiding skills and skills in deer hunting that I have learnt that will help me on my own, especially the wind. Thankyou Judy for your comfort and hospitality at the homestead, you are a wonderful lady. Thankyou Steve for the opportunity to to hunt and learn on your beautiful Ranch, your book, trophy room and family have inspired me to always be a trophy hunter – all the best for the future .

Mike A and Phil Mc NSW 2015 – Rusa Stag

Great Rusa Stag, a couple of trout, fantastic scenery and even better company, will see you next year for fallow.

Rapt in Raptor Ridge

Pat A NSW 2015 June – Management – Red Stag, 273ds, Rusa 203ds and Fallow Buck 243ds

What a beautiful paradise you have built up here. It is so extraordinary to see such a beautiful place that is only 3 hours from Sydney, Thankyou for giving me an experience of a lifetime, Steve your knowledge and guiding skills are fantastic and you know everything there is to know about deer. Cannot forget about your skills in caping and skinning deer methods. I appreciate your efforts to make me able to have dreams come true in 3 days with an unbelievable trifecta of Management game…… Steve the stalks were amazing …….. to take someone like me that has never seen a deer in the wild and taking 3 top animals is mind blowing. Shots from 30 meters to 400 meters WOW my legs let me know I was alive……… No shortage of good home cooking and Judy your knowledge of the deer was amazing as well, look forward to seeing you in 2016

Brendon G NSW 2015 June – Rusa Stag and Mgt Fallow Buck

Judy Steve Mark

Awesome is probably one word that sums up this trip – two amazing animals in one trip, great food, great conversations, thankyou for looking after me and showing me how it’s done, look forward to coming back next year and bringing friends and family in the future.

Andrew C WA 2015 July – Rusa Stag

Steve Mark and Judy thankyou for an amazing experience and incredible hospitality, the effort that you put into securing magnificent trophies is amazing


Anthony and Romy NSW 2014 meat hunt

As a Hunter at heart wether its fishing, hunting etc., the last time I truly stalked and hunted was about 25 years ago —– Recently our friend David mentioned Raptor Ridge, so we booked. The drive down was reminiscent of when we did travel Australia, even the car we drove to Raptor was the same age that we did Australia! We arrived on the Saturday morning with no real expectations and we were met by Mark and Judy. After we sized each other up we were into it, and straight away we felt what we missed 25 years ago. We took off up the hill to sight our rifle. Mark showed to me immediately that he is a wealth of knowledge and experience when he showed me how to use my new scope correctly. I thought I had eye problems until he showed me the focus dial, which I thought was a vestigial Knob! — F!@#, 3 Red Dear as soon as we went down the road. Bloody amazing, this was the first time Romy and I saw Deer in the wild, we only saw them in farms 25 years ago. We proceeded down the next hill and got out of the car to see what was around. We saw plenty. Although we were there to hunt, we ended up on top of the Hill to view the scenery and see how the land worked, which is sometimes better then hunting. On one side we saw 15 Buck Fallow and on the other 5 Reds, 10 Fallows and about 7 Rusa’s whom saw us from 700 yards. We went back for a good lunch I shot my first Deer ever and was pleased that it was instant and clean. Beers and red wine were the toast for the rest of the evening! After a nice meal and a great “Trophy room experience” we went to bed. The next morning we went off to the other part of the property to hunt a pig for the table. Again, immediately we saw goats and there were about 15 that we stalked for about an hour. Funny, I enjoyed this type of hunting the best even though it was just a goat. Headshot and it was down where it was butchered and we were off again. Oh yeah forgot to mention the river was awesome. We did see a Platypus, echidna and a “little Bear”. We saw plenty of fresh tracks and scat of big pigs but they illuded us. We saw more Fallow and goats, but the Trifecta just didn’t come. I reckon if we were there the other half of the day we would have done it. Where else can you go in two days and do a trifecta?? Raptor Ridge is an exceptional place where Mark and Judy take you into there home and give you the full “Safari” experience. Their wealth of knowledge is a proven one and you know that you are in good hands. What Romy and I liked, was that we could be part of any aspect of the hunt and the day to day life of the Ranch. We will come back again and thanks for your hospitality and for rekindling our past experiences. See you in March for the ROAR! Best wishes Anthony and Romy Waring Dural Sydney Australia.

Aaron N-NSW 28-3-2014

Thank you very much Mark for a fantastic trophy red stag, an unforgettable hunt with excellent guiding. Special thanks to Judy for wonderful hospitality and friendly conversation, the trophy room is remarkable and inspiring. I will definitely be back next year for a Trophy Rusa Stag. All the best for 2014 season.

Lloyd Sr and Lloyd Jr. B – NSW- March 2014

Had a great hunt, thanks for two magnificent stags and a very pleasant and relaxed hunt.

Joe A and Craig B- NSW- March 2014

Thanks Mark,Judy and Steve, for a great hunt seen heaps of deer and the trophy quality is amazing, great times, great friends and great food.

Tony & Oliver T- ACT-April 2014

Steve, Judy, Mark- our Red Stags. Just a quick email to again express my thanks for such a memorable hunt. Oliver still hasn’t come down to earth! Thanks too Mark for your guidance in managing a new rifle (a new experience for me), and having faith in our abilities to pull off a good shot. Very much looking forward to joining you again next year. I would be very grateful if you could put Oliver’s name against a trophy Fallow stag.

Harry & George K – NSW- March 2014

Thank you for a great stay on a lovely property and also for a great lesson in hunting.

Darrin B – NSW – April 2014

4th time here, have already booked my 5th trip, say’s it all. Thanks again for a great Fallow Buck

Tony and Catherine R – NSW- May 2014

First time here, fantastic experiance on so many levels, Fallow, Fox and Rabbit with the Bow. Watching and learning the field dressing. Then the Hospitality-Judy fantastic cooking, food was great. Mark was unreal-First class guide and great guy. Really unbelievable experiance and we learnt so much. Thanks Judy and Mark for a wonderfl three days and Steve for helping organise it. We will be back.

Steve T -NSW- June 2014

Enjoyed my hunt immensly, great guide and a great way to take my wonderful Rusa Stag, thanks Judy Steve and Mark.

Craig & Jana -NSW- June 2014

Dear Steve and Judy – Thanks very much for a a great weekend of learning new ways to take deer from the stalk to the fridge. What a beautiful property and such lovely food.

Yakub D – NSW- June 2014

I had a wonderful time, you certainly live in a beautiful place, the memories of the morning hunt will stay with me forever, my first Red Stag, first Fox and first Fallow

David D – NSW- July 2014

There are many things I can buy with money, but to have Steven, Mark and Judy shareing their home and guide me with my first trophy Red Stag with my 9 year old son James is priceless. Thankyou so much for the hospitality and excellent guide.

Aaron N – NSW- Aug 2014

To Judy and Mark – I would like to thank you both for another unforgettable stay at Raptor Ridge Ranch, I always enjoy the wonderful home cooked food and the hunting can’t be beat. I am proud of taking my Rusa Stag and will be back in 2016 for a Fallow Trophy, Kind regards

Chris. C – NSW- Aug 2014

Lovely people, great atmosphere, amazing experience. What more could you ask for.

Terry L -NSW- Aug 2014

Fantastic people, wonderful experiance, will come again and recommend others too

Amanda and David – NSW – Aug 2014

We had a fabulous time exploring the property with Mark, shooting deer + video + lovely meals by Judy, thanks team.


Mark W-NSW – 24.4.2013

Beautiful country, Fantastic Trophy Red, Great Guides…. What more could you ask for? A fantastic adventure!!

Ron C  -Arkansas USA  June 2013

Thank you for a great weekend Steve, Judy and Mark, beautiful Rusa Stag! Second visit was as fantastic as the first. See you again next April.

Harry K and Adam C- NSW 26.6.2013

Thank you for a great hunt – this was my first Red Stag (HK) and it is a beauty exactly what I wanted, we both enjoyed ourselves immensely, who couldn’t with 2 great red stags.


Emrys P-NSW – March 2012

Best hunt ever two great beasts a huge Fallow and a monster Red Stag to last a lifetime, thanks to everyone at the Ridge, can’t wait till next time.

Brian A- WA – 3.4.2012

Thankyou Steve, Judy and Mark for a fantastic 3 days. My Red Deer trophy is an absolute beauty!!! Your farm, your wilderness area, your animals are all brilliant. And thankyou Judy for looking after me, and Steve and Mark for all the information you taught me about deer and the wilderness. Take care.

John N – NSW 11.4.2012

Mark, Judy and Steve Thank you so, so much for a wonderful time and a top trophy. A lifetime of chasing Fallow and who would have ever thought that close to home there is the best fallow deer in Australia! Top trophy at 256 Douglas Points Steve, your commitment to deer in Australia over the years has given people like me to experience to hunt and take a trophy which is world class.

Deward S Oklahoma USA – 4.4.2013

Great hunting and ranching outfit, thankyou for your professional operation (took a great red stag). Come visit us in the US anytime.


Dwayne D – Texas USA 14.4.2011

I had a great time, wonderful people, the food was good, the bed soft and warm and the hunting great. This is something that I will remember for the rest of my life.

John C -ACT – 2.4.2011

Amazing! Was like coming home! The hunting and guiding was first class. Steve and Mark new the land and the game like the back of their hands. They were patient and were able to pitch the level of guiding to my needs. I will be back in 2012. Judy the food was amazing.

Matt G-NSW 1.5.2011

To the Isaacs, thanks again for a wonderful adventure and the trophy of a lifetime!!!! I can’t wait to get back into the hills chasing goats in June.

Nell and Vincent-NSW 5.11.2011

Wow, what a lifetime experience for us – seeing this beautiful “untouched” wild nature, getting our first Billy Goat and the remarkable size trout fish… Steve, Mark and Judy, you really made our dreams come true. Judy cooked wonderful meals above and beyond what we expected. You all made our first hunting experience unforgettable and amazing.

Steve, thank you so much for all the hunting guide knowledge you taught us, especially the ethical hunting part. We will definitely be your “ambassadors” to promote your business to our friends and families and colleagues.

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