Our Guides

Raptor Ridge Hunts have been operating for over 14 years and in that time have sought to only offer professional guides and staff with a long history in the hunting industry and hunting the game animals we pursue. Customer satisfaction is our one aim contributing to having 75% returning customers year after year. Go to our History and Testimonials page to see what our customers are saying about us.


Mark is the head guide has been hunting for 30 years, part owner and manager Raptor Ridge, overseas experience, Africa, New Caledonia, Mongolia, all Australian game. Has a 6 th sense to find those big animals that can elude the keenest of hunters.


Judy also part owner of Raptor Ridge is a successful hunter and well travelled, Africa, Nth America, New Zealand understanding the requirements of tired and hungry hunters when they have been in the field for the day serving up delicious meals. For most part Judy coordinates the lodge and is on hand to help out with the guides.


Steve is also part owner of Raptor Ridge, hunting for over 50 years, hunted all over the world still guiding with impeccable knowledge of the game he guides and has an ability to keep customers entertained with knowledge and experience in hunting stories from his far flung hunts on every continent.


Been hunting deer in Australia and big game overseas for over 30 years, hunting New Zealand, Nth America and New Caledonia. John has impeccable knowledge of the Game we hunt, taking the grand slam of deer in Australia 3 times over. John has been involved in the hunting and firearm industry most of his life.


Vast knowledge of Game and equipment having been hunting with a rifle and bow for most of his 50 years of hunting, also well travelled to New Zealand, New Caledonia and Nth America. Charlie provides training to novice firearm and bow hunters at various venues in Sydney and can provide a memorable hunting experience. As a successful Bow hunter, stealth and patience are Charlies key attributes.

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